Top 10 Most Disgusting Parasites


Every person shrivels in disgust whenever the subject of parasites is brought up because let’s be honest, there is nothing exciting about the sight of slimy, creepy beasts feeding on unsuspecting victims. And yet, parasites are presumed to live in almost 40% of all living creatures, especially those who are in constant contact with the outside world away from the sanitation of urban environments.

Even though we absolutely hate them, parasites seem to love us very much, although, in all fairness, most of these little buggers are just following their biological needs with no regards to the discomfort they are causing. So if you have the stomach for it, join us for the next few minutes as we talk about the ten most disgusting parasites in the world and the harm they cause.


Similar to bedbugs, lice can be found feeding on almost any warm-blooded creature, although they appear to prefer humans more than anything. There are many types of lice and they can all be found in humans of all ages. While lice will only live for about a month, they will reproduce at a very fast pace during that time, laying between 7 to 12 eggs per day. It is partly because of how efficient they are at reproducing that lice are so difficult to get rid off.