Top 10 Most Exotic Fruits You Should Try


When most people talk about exotic fruits they usually think about mangos, bananas, or avocados. In all fairness, if you’re living in a temperate climate, any fruit except apples, pears, and grapes can be considered exotic. Even so, there are plenty of delicious fruits out there most of you probably never heard about, yet fruits you should definitely try at some point.

Some of these fruits are hard to come by, meaning that you will not only have a hard time getting them but that you’ll probably spend quite a bit of money in the process. This being said, the health benefits they provide far surpasses what regular fruits have to offer. Without further ado, here are ten exotic fruits you should try if you have the chance.


Known for its potent odor, this particular fruit may not smell all that great but it is a delicacy nevertheless. What makes the fruit so rare is the fact that the Durian tree dos not bear fruit until it is 15 years old, making the actual fruits very expensive. As a matter of fact, the price can go as high as $50 for a single fruit, yet those who have tried it say that it’s worth the cost and then some.