Top 10 Most Expensive Champagne Bottles in the World


Champagne bottles, like wines, are not only about taste past a certain price tag but also about rarity, origin, and brand. Consumed by most people when celebrating or displaying social status, champagne has a very peculiar taste that is unlike any other drink, except maybe wine to some extent. It is therefore expected for such a distinctive taste to come in various flavors. Different bottles of champagne have different price tags, but what are THE most, top of the line champagne bottles money can buy. Well, let’s find out!

9Krug Brut David Sugar Engraved

Price – $1,806

As the name of this champagne bottle suggests, the Brut David Sugar Engraved by Krug features an engraving of a flowering tree with a quail seated in it. Wine Searcher has listed the 75 centiliter bottle of Krug Brut David Sugar Engraved as the world’s ninth most expensive champagne bottle. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about this particular brand’s taste, just that it is extremely expensive.