Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Brands


Most people enjoy starting their day with a nice, hot cup of coffee to put them in the mood for the day ahead. While the morning cup of coffee is a ‘must’, the brand isn’t all that important, just as long as it is relatively tasty. Some people, however, have more a more refined taste than others, and wouldn’t dream of drinking a brand of coffee that doesn’t meet their exquisite standard. We have put together a list of ten most expensive coffee brands in the world, to give you an idea about how much some people spend on their coffee.

10Yauco Selecto AA Coffee – $24 / lb

These coffee beans from Puerto Rico retail at $24 per pound. Coffee is a common crop in Puerto Rico. It is grown for both domestic and commercial purposes. So we would expect such a common crop to hit market shelves at a much lower rate, but this is obviously not the case. Coffee grown in the Yauco region, most specifically, is expensive because it is of a higher quality and makes a better blend. It is said that it has such a rich and unique buttery flavor thanks to the nutrient rich clay soil in Yauco region, very high rainfall, higher elevation of the region and of course, better farming techniques.