Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Brands


Most people enjoy starting their day with a nice, hot cup of coffee to put them in the mood for the day ahead. While the morning cup of coffee is a ‘must’, the brand isn’t all that important, just as long as it is relatively tasty. Some people, however, have more a more refined taste than others, and wouldn’t dream of drinking a brand of coffee that doesn’t meet their exquisite standard. We have put together a list of ten most expensive coffee brands in the world, to give you an idea about how much some people spend on their coffee.

9Starbucks Blue Bourbon – $25 / lb

The Starbucks Blue Bourbon coffee beans come from Rwanda. These beans are well known for their incredibly unique flavor. A coffee connoisseur will be able to pick up the highly acidic, butter melt and black cherry flavor that has undertones of spiced nuts. These Rwandan beans’ popularity grew in the global market not only because of their superior taste and flavor, but also because Starbucks planted more farms in a bid to help Rwanda’s economy recover from the genocide. This noble, social mission is still appreciated to date. The coffee retails at $25/lb.