Top 10 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World


People have been drawn to shiny things since the dawn of man. Whether it was jewelry, stones, bones, or decorated shells, people have always valued what is rare and beautiful, which is why we still value gold so much nowadays despite its limited use in our society. Throughout history, jewelry and gems have been used to reflect a person’s wealth and their position in society. While not all people value jewelry equally, those who do appear willing to go to extreme lengths in order to obtain them. Within the next few minutes, we’ll look at the ten rarest gemstones in the world, gems that are so expensive that most of us will only ever see pictures of them.

9Black Opal – $2,350 per carat

Like the name suggests, black opal is the rarest form of opal stone, although opal stones can also be found in shades of blue, gray, green, brown, olive, pink, orange, red, stale, white, yellow, and rose. Interestingly enough, most opal stones can be found in Australia, which produces more than 97% of the world’s supply of opals. It may look like a mineral, but opal is actually a rare form of silica, related to quartz more than minerals. Also, around 20% of the stone’s weight is made of water. It would be safe to say that its unique characteristics determine its expensive price tag.