Top 10 Most Expensive Hotel Suits In The World


If you are the type of person who can afford to travel around the world on a regular basis, then you can afford to pay the hotel fees that are part of that lifestyle. From most people’s point of view, a hotel must provide shelter for a brief period of time and nothing more. The hotel industry, however, has evolved so much over the years, that they not only rival the living conditions of a person’s home, but they sometimes surpass it.

Speaking of living conditions, here are the most luxurious, thus expensive hotel suits from all over the world. If you’re lucky / wealthy enough, you might actually spend a couple of nights in one of these.

10Royal Towers Bridge Suite, Atlantis, Bahamas – $25,000 per night

The glamorous 10 room suite at the Royal Towers Bridge features gold sofas, glit mirrors, and majestic chandeliers among other equally exquisite features. In the grand foyer, an elaborate floor that uses four different types of marble dazzles its guests with its design. Inside the 15 meter long living room, there is a baby grand piano and a variety of other entertainment points, including a full service bar.