Top 10 Most Expensive Man-Made Projects of Our Time


Mankind is capable of truly magnificent things at its best, and pretty scary at its worst. Throughout history people have built cathedrals, castles, great walls, and empires. Ever since man crawled out of the slime, he has set his goals high, constantly looking to better himself through any means necessary.

Guided by arrogance, fear, or necessity, people have build some truly amazing structures over time, and we’ll keep on doing it as long as we have the means. In the following minutes, we will try to take a look at mankind’s most expensive projects, objects that will most likely live throughout the ages as evidence of our species’ might.

9Large Hadron Collider – $6 Billion

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is one of the most talked-about structures on our planet, and rightfully so. Designed to address the biggest questions in nuclear physics and much more, the LHC is the Mecca of all physicists in the world today, a point of reference to anybody with half a brain. This impressive device measures 27 kilometers in circumference, and cost more than $6 Billion to build. Built to collide opposing particle beans of protons or lead nuclei, the LHC truly is one of mankind’s most advanced pieces of technology.