Top 10 Most Expensive Houses / Properties in The World


Most people need to think long and hard before buying a house as most of the time, it is a decision they have to live with for the rest of their lives. Some people, however, can afford to spend millions of dollars on the type of houses most of us can only dream of. These individuals spend huge amounts of money on state of the art architectural wonders situated in some of the most expensive neighborhoods / cities in the world, and they do so without skipping a beat.

They say that every man’s house is his castle and a house isn’t a home unless you fill it with happiness but there aren’t many people who would miss the opportunity to live in a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills.

10One57 Penthouse

With a nickname like “the billionaire building” it is fairly obvious that only a certain type of person would live here. The type of person who can afford the $90 million price tag that was paid in 2012 by an anonymous buyer when they bought the 10,000 square feet penthouse that occupies the 89th and 90th floors. Rumors have it that the mysterious buyer is none other than the prime-minister of Qatar but One57 denies this is the case.

Whatever the case, the fact of the matter is that even though this exquisite building is still under construction, it still managed to sell more than half of its 92 apartments. If you’re thinking of buying a penthouse in the One57 tower you better have a deep pocket as the listed price of a penthouse here is of $115 with taxes.