Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes in the World


Shoes are perhaps the most important article of clothing one could wear, yet not many people value them as much as they should. You can get accustomed to wearing a slightly uncomfortable shirt or pants, but you simply cannot ignore uncomfortable shoes. Given the variety of shoes available to us, it is always difficult to find the right balance between what we perceive to be fashionable or trendy and the basic degree of comfort we expect from a pair of shoes.

Provided none of us is Cinderella, the choice in shoes shouldn’t be that difficult, except, of course, if we’re shopping for a truly amazing pair of shoes. As chance would have it, we are about to go through the world’s most expensive pairs of shoes in search for the ten most expensive shoes ever made. Mind you, these aren’t the type of shoes that you wear when going to the mall, although we would imagine that they are just as comfortable as they are expensive.

9The Original Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz – $612,000

The pair of shoes worn by Judy Garland as Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ were sold at an auction recently for $612,000 to an anonymous bidder. The actual design of the shoes isn’t all that impressive in all fairness, as their burnish red sequins aren’t particularly exquisite in any way. They also aren’t that expensive to manufacture, although careful planning went into making them fit a specific type of feet. By the looks of things, the only thing justifying the high price is the fact that they’re famous.