Top 10 Most Famous and Popular Watch Brands in the World


People have been keeping time for thousands of years, developing better and more accurate devices throughout history, each time new technologies were available to allow it. For example, artifacts from the Paleolithic suggest that people used the moon to keep time as early as 6,000 years ago, whereas in the ancient world, the most precise timekeeping device was the water clock or clepsydra. Timekeeping devices have come a long way since, especially following the invention of mechanical watches driven by clockwork.

Over time, ingenious watchmakers came up with increasingly better technologies, making a name for themselves in the process. As a result, we now have many reputable watch brands to choose from whenever we wish to acquire a watch for our homes or a wristwatch.

Long story short, here are the 10 most famous and popular watch brands in the world today.


Founded in 1903, Omega is a Swiss company that makes some of the most luxurious watches on the planet. Having a rich history of making not only high-quality but also fashionable watches, it comes as no surprise that Neil Armstrong himself was wearing one as he took mankind’s first steps on the lunar surface. Since then, Omega’s popularity grew enormously throughout the world, becoming the go-to watch of many celebrities over the years.