Top 10 Most Famous Dance Styles In The World


Everybody loves dancing, even people who aren’t particularly good at it. This rhythmic manifestation of inner feelings has been present in all cultures throughout history with no exception, records of it going back for thousands of years. In many cultures, dancing represents a form of emotional expression, a mean to socialize, a spiritual manifestation, or even a form of exercising.

Above all, dancing is extremely entertaining. The passion people put into it may differ from one person to another but the general gesture is always the same. Over time, different styles evolved, each representing a specific feeling, certain traditions, or an emotional state. Over the next few minutes, we’ll find out what are the ten most famous dance styles in the world and what they signify.

10Tap Dancing

This dance is characterized by a tapping sound. The sound is created from metal plates attached to the ball and heel of the dancer’s shoe. When the metal plates are tapped against a hard surface, they create a percussive sound. The dancers are considered to be musicians. Tap dance has roots in African American dance, for instance, English Lancashire Clog dancing, and Juba dance. It could also have roots in Irish step dancing. Tap dance began in the mid-1800s during the rise of the minstrel shows.