Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Designers


Fashion designers are responsible for studying trends, sketching designs, selecting materials, and control every production aspect of their designs. Annually, fashion designers contribute to the creations of billions of clothing pieces and accessories worldwide. Among them all, however, some fashion designers have made such a contribution to fashion and trends as a whole that they have quite literally changed the way people dress through their creations, ideas, and accomplishments. Let us then find out who are the 10 most famous and influential fashion designers of our time.

10Tom Ford

Seen as one of the most innovative fashion designers of our time, Tom Ford may have wanted to be an actor growing up, but he ended up becoming a fashion icon over time. Born in Texas, young Tom Ford showed such a great understanding of trends and fashion as a whole that he worked as a creative director for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent at some point. Tom started creating his own line eventually, and he had such a success that he was voted the Best International Designer in 2000.