Top 10 Most Famous Hoaxes In History


Either for publicity or fun, people have perpetrated hoaxes since the dawn of man. While a hoax in itself isn’t such a tremendous wrongdoing, when large groups of people start believing it there’s a problem. Such is the case with the hoaxes we will soon talk about, jokes that for some reason or another have gone a bit too far.

These hoaxes have influenced the lives of millions around the world, people who believed them to be true with all their heart. As such, some of these hoaxes have had negative influences on those who believed them, along with millions of other who were affected by the aftershock of the events they unravelled. Long story short, here are the ten most famous hoaxes in history that people should know about.

10The Cardiff Giant

The Cardiff Giant is perhaps one of the most famous hoaxes in American history. This 10-foot petrified man uncovered in 1869 was the creation of a tobacconist who in the midst of an argument with a fundamentalist minister decided to play a prank based on a particular passage in the Bible that mentions giants who once roamed the Earth. For this purpose, he hired men to carve out a 10-foot-long block of gypsum which he later paid a German stonecutter to carve into the likeness of a giant man before burying it underground. Needless to say, this giant man caused quite a stir when it was discovered soon afterward.