Top 10 Most Famous Leonardo da Vinci Artworks


Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, better known as Leonardo da Vinci, is perhaps one of the most creative people who have ever lived. He was not only a tremendous painter but a polymath, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, engineer, mathematician, inventor, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and anatomist. Leonardo’s love for the fine arts stood at the core of its creative character, a love that helped him create some absolute masterpieces. Over the next few minutes, we’ll remind ourselves of what an amazing artist da Vinci was as we browse through ten of his most famous creations.

9Lady with an Ermine

The Lady with an Ermine is Cecilia Gallerani, the mistress of Lodovico Sforza, Duke of Milano. What’s interesting is that Leonardo was actually in service of the Duke at the time when he painted this portrait, which is just one of the several works the Duke wanted him to paint. Given its colorful details, this painting is seen as one of the most important works in Western art and it’s easy to see why.