Top 10 Most Famous Pirates In History


Pirates have been greatly romanticized in modern times and it’s to no surprise that most people nowadays think pirates are cool. In reality, however, most of them they were truly infamous characters who had no issues committing the most heinous of crimes if it suited their purpose. For wealth and glory, some of these individuals robbed their ways across the seven seas with callous and disregard for all authority.

Today, we will focus on those who for better or worse, wrote themselves into the pages of history, people we often see portrayed in Hollywood productions to this day. Let us then find out who the ten most famous pirates were and what exactly made them so (in)famous to begin with.

10William Kidd

Captain Kidd started his career as a privateer who was entrusted by authorities to rid the seas of pirate thieves. After a series of very unfortunate events, however, he reluctantly accepted to lead a small crew of men into piracy, although he only did it briefly. In his short pirate ‘career’, William robbed dozens of ships, including an East India Company vessel which eventually led to his doom.