Top 10 Most Famous Statues in the World


People have been building statues for as long as mankind has been roaming the earth. Prehistoric tribes started building them to honor their gods, a trend that was continued by ancient civilizations around the world. For instance, of the earliest recorded statues called ‘the Lion Man’ was built almost 32,000 years ago and measures only 30 cm from one end to another. More recent statues are substantially bigger in size, but also more complex and artistic. Here is a list of the ten most famous statues in the world still in existence.

9The Little Mermaid, Denmark

This is another bronze statue. It depicts a mermaid and is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is based on a fairy tale titled ‘The Little Mermaid’ written by Hans Christian Andersen. It has been a major tourist attraction since 1913. It sits on a rock in a harbor and it has a height of 4.1 ft.