Top 10 Most Fascinating Giraffe Facts


There’s something really fascinating about giraffes and their seemingly majestic posture, the type of animal that just doesn’t seem to belong in this world. These long-necked creatures appear like something out of a Salvador Dali painting with their regal stance and extraordinary features, the type of animal you cannot help but feel fascinated about.

While giraffes do struggle with a variety of issues because of their size, their behavior is unlike that of any other mammal on Earth. So join us over the next few minutes, as we try to find out more about these majestic creatures and how they live. Ergo, here are 10 truly fascinating giraffe facts most of you probably didn’t know.

10Giraffes have contributed to space flight

When you think about space you usually think not of giraffes but of astronauts and spaceships. What you don’t know is that NASA spent a great deal of time studying giraffes and their ability to inflate leg veins right after birth. It was after careful research that they were able to come up with the Lower Body Negative Pressure process, a device that consists of an airtight tube designed to seal around the astronaut while applying vacuum pressure. This process expands the astronaut’s leg veins thus allowing blood to rush into the pelvic area.