Top 10 Most Fascinating Giraffe Facts


There’s something really fascinating about giraffes and their seemingly majestic posture, the type of animal that just doesn’t seem to belong in this world. These long-necked creatures appear like something out of a Salvador Dali painting with their regal stance and extraordinary features, the type of animal you cannot help but feel fascinated about.

While giraffes do struggle with a variety of issues because of their size, their behavior is unlike that of any other mammal on Earth. So join us over the next few minutes, as we try to find out more about these majestic creatures and how they live. Ergo, here are 10 truly fascinating giraffe facts most of you probably didn’t know.

9Male giraffes and flehmen

Because of the fact that female giraffes refuse to mate throughout the entirety of their 15-month pregnancy period, male giraffes have had to develop clever ways to determine if and when a female might be willing to mate again. For this purpose, they have evolved a practice called ‘flehmen’ according to which male giraffes have to convince the female to urinate into their mouths. They will then taste to urine in order to determine whether the female is ready for further mating or not.