Top 10 Inventions Of The Ancient World You Didn’t Know About


We already talked about the importance of all prehistoric inventions and how much the world benefits from them to this day. Despite what most people tend to believe, it wasn’t just the industrial revolution that pushed the world forward in terms of technological and economic standards. As a matter of fact, if we are to ignore a short period of time during the dark ages, mankind has constantly been on a path to development and progress.

We not only have the wonders of the ancient world as evidence of this fact but a lot of ingenious inventions from that time period as well. Today, we’ll look at some of the most important inventions in the ancient world and how much of an impact they had on human development as a whole.

Interestingly enough, most of these inventions have revolutionized the world in one way or another, both for better and worse. Long story short, here are the ten most important inventions of the ancient world.


Some of us may think of the flamethrower as a relatively modern invention but its history is longer than that. Although it is true that flamethrowers became popular after World War II and the destruction they were used to cause, they’ve actually been used since the days of the Byzantine Empire. Back then, flamethrowers were used as naval weapons to ignite enemy vessels. Although handheld flamethrowers were invented a few centuries later, naval flamethrowers have been a constant presence in the navies of the ancient world.