Top 10 Most Important Prehistoric Inventions


It is in our very nature to better ourselves constantly, regardless of how much time and effort it may take. Our desire to always improve our living standards has led us to open up new technological horizons for ourselves and for generations to come. The very history of our existence is filled with moments of discovery that have facilitated and in some cases even accelerated the development of nations and civilizations.

There have been many inventions that changed the world for the better throughout history, each more important than the next. Today, we will explore the ten most important prehistoric inventions and what effect they had on the development of the ancient world.

7The Boat – 60,000 BC

According to archaeological evidence, humans traveled at sea to New Guinea from Southeast Asia during an ice age period around 60,000 years ago. Aboriginal people also traveled across the Lombok Strait to Sahul by boat around 50,000 years, which shows us that people have been using boats since before they lived in organized communities. Furthermore, boats were also used for ceremonial purposes in ancient Egypt around the Fourth Dynasty of Giza in 2,500 BC.