Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Chocolate


Everybody loves chocolate it seems, and why wouldn’t they considering how tasty it is? Unless they are suffering from specific medical afflictions, pretty much all people love the taste of chocolate. In today’s world, chocolate is next to plain sugar, one of the most used ingredients when cooking up desserts. Reason being that chocolate goes well with pretty much anything as long as it’s sweet. Still, let us delve into 10 absolutely interesting facts about chocolate most of you probably didn’t know about. Although not poisonous or anything, there certainly are a few things about chocolate that will surprise you.

8German chocolate is not German

The notion that German chocolate is from Germany simply because it has the name German is a misconception. The name “German” used to refer to this chocolate is not derived from the European nation of Germany but rather from the name of the person who came up with the chocolate. A man by the name of Sam German came up with the recipe for baking dark chocolate bars in the mid-19th century. These chocolate bars could be used in the baking of cakes. As a result of his excellent work, Sam who was an employee of the Baker Chocolate company got a cake named after him, hence the name German Chocolate cake.