Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Elephants


Elephants are truly extraordinary creatures, speaking here of both size and intelligence. Not only are they the world’s largest land-based mammals but they’re also among the smartest animals in the world. Although not as cute as the animals we have domesticated over the ages, elephants are some of the most interesting creatures on the face of the planet. Let us then address the elephant in the room and find out more about this majestic animal. Here are ten interesting facts about elephants you probably didn’t know.

10There are 3 different species of elephants

Until fairly recently in 2010, only 2 species were scientifically recognized. Genetic testing, however, revealed that there are at least 3 different species of elephants. These are the Asian elephant, the African savannah elephant, and the African forest elephant. The Asian elephant is the smallest of the three. They also have 2 prominent bumps on their foreheads which make them stand out from the other two.