Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Food


We all need food to survive, yet not all people look at food the same way. Some have elevated cooking to an art form while some eat only because they’re hungry. All people, however, love eating a good meal every once in a while, but there’s so much about the food we eat most people don’t really know. If you’ll bear with us for a few minutes, you will find out some truly interesting things about food not only as a necessity, but as a service, industry, and cultural artifact. Long story short, here are 10 truly interesting food facts most of you probably didn’t know.

10The most expensive coffee in the world comes from poop

We assure you this is not a joke by any means. Not many people know this, but the most exquisite and at the same time expensive coffee in the world comes from coffee beans that have been on a journey through an animal’s digestive system. The animal we speak of is called a Civet, which is a cat-like mammal living in sub-tropical Asia and Africa. These animals feast on the finest ripe berries, after which they excrete partially digested beans which are then harvested and sold in Japan and the United States.