Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Stars


The universe is a truly majestic place filled with infinite wonders we have yet to explore. Since the dawn of man, we have always looked up at the stars above and wondered what’s beyond the things we see. Truth be told, we’re still very far away from unraveling the mysteries of the universe, which is why for the time being, all we can do is speculate about what lies among the stars and whether not we have a place among them.

We do, however, know a great deal about stars, at least from an astrophysical point of view. We actually base our entire existence to a star, as none of us would be alive today without our solar system being as accommodating as it is. So sit back and relax as we try to find out ten very interesting facts about stars and their place in the universe.

10There are 400 billion stars in the Milky Way

The sheer size of our universe is mind boggling. We say this because our galaxy alone is home to more than 400 billion stars. On a clear night, we cannot even see a small fraction of these stars, even when using advanced high-tech equipment due to them being hidden out of sight. Even so, many of the stars we see at night are actually dead by the time their light reaches us all these thousands of light years away.