Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Switzerland


Established in 1291 as a union between three cantons chafing against Habsburg rule, Switzerland has been an independent country for more than two hundred years. This beautiful country is made of 26 cantons embracing three major languages: German, French, and Italian. Interestingly enough, foreigners make up 25% of Switzerland’s workforce as the country’s exports represent almost half the nation’s economy.

Switzerland is also known around the world for its well-armed citizens, the only country on Earth that has more guns/capita than America. So join us over the next few minutes as we find out more Switzerland facts that are both interesting and mind-blowing to some extent.

10Switzerland’s rail system is eco-friendly

Switzerland’s power grid is about 56% hydroelectric and 39% nuclear as of 2008, meaning that it has one of the most ecologically-friendly power grids in the world. It also has a rail transport network that spans out more than 5 thousand kilometers and 99% of those tracks are electrified. This being said, Switzerland operates an almost zero-carbon, non-polluting rail transport system, leading the world in this respect.