Top 10 Most Interesting Hitler Facts


A great deal was said about Adolf Hitler throughout the years, making it really hard for historians to determine fact from fiction when talking about arguably one of the most evil men in history. Ranging from plausible to downright preposterous, most of the rumors regarding Hitler tend to focus on his eccentric character, but there are plenty of those claiming that he had some sort of physical issues as well.

Given the fact that his body was incinerated and hidden by trusted SS soldiers after his death, there was almost no way for people to confirm any rumors regarding his physical shortcomings after the war. As for his eccentric and superstitious nature, we have only the testimonies of those who knew him to go by. Anyways, here are the ten most interesting rumors surrounding Adolf Hitler. Bear in mind that most of these cannot and will not ever be confirmed beyond reasonable doubt seeing how propaganda tends to get mixed up with historical truth when talking about him.

10Hitler had a sweet tooth

According to people close to the fuhrer, Hitler had an insatiable sweet tooth. He loved sweets and chocolates. He consumed 2 pounds of chocolate daily. His hot chocolate had to have whipped cream on the top. He also had to add sugar to red wine before taking it. He was also vegetarian and ate a lot of cakes and pastries.