Top 10 Most Isolated Communities in the World


Ever felt like getting away from all the stress of daily life and move some place where you can be alone with yourself for a while? As it turns out, this is how most people feel at some point in their lives and it’s completely natural. There are some people, however, who live out their entire lives, or at least most of it away from civilization. Although for different reasons, these people live within communities that are completely isolated from the outside world. Let us then take a look at the 10 most isolated communities in the world, to get a better understanding of how far we sometimes stray away from each others despite being more than 7 billion of us.

10Supai, Arizona

Probably the most isolated area in the U.S, Supai is a community of 208 people whose mail is still delivered by mule. The community is situated at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and is only accessible by mule or by helicopter during emergencies. To access this area by mule one has to make a 13Km trek from the nearest road.