Top 10 Most Isolated Communities in the World


Ever felt like getting away from all the stress of daily life and move some place where you can be alone with yourself for a while? As it turns out, this is how most people feel at some point in their lives and it’s completely natural. There are some people, however, who live out their entire lives, or at least most of it away from civilization. Although for different reasons, these people live within communities that are completely isolated from the outside world. Let us then take a look at the 10 most isolated communities in the world, to get a better understanding of how far we sometimes stray away from each others despite being more than 7 billion of us.

9Saint Helena

Sticking out of the South Atlantic Ocean is a lump of volcanic rock that measures 8 Km by 16Km. Saint Helena is home to 4,000 people and there are no commercial flights to or from the island. To access this island, one has to hitch a ride on one of the British Air Force planes that make occasional trips to the island. The island was discovered by the Portuguese in the 16th century and derives its name from the East Indian Trading Company. It is interesting to note that the island served as a prison for the great Napoleon at some point.