Top 10 Most Isolated Places In The World


We live in a time when people can travel the world freely for the most part, and in a timely fashion as well. Thanks to air travel, the world around us is becoming smaller and smaller each year, with very few places left that are truly untouched. Even in a world where the total population is growing incredibly fast, there are a few communities that have managed to retain their remoteness despite the huge amount of traveling being done by literally millions of people from all over the world on a daily basis. So let us take a look at some of the most remote, unique, and isolated places in the world and admire their simplicity as we rightfully should.

10Easter Island

Situated west of the Chilean Coast, Easter Island is a remarkable place in which around four thousand people live happily. Known throughout the world for its massive rock sculptures that were carved more than 500 years ago by the island’s inhabitants at the time, Easter Island is as peaceful today as it always was throughout its history. Although the island may have once been covered in vast forests, today it is relatively barren, a fact that adds to its remoteness even further.