Top 10 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In The World


There’s something about the allure of experiencing new things that appeals to most people who travel, because, at the end of the day, most people who travel around the world do so because they want to see places they’ve heard about. Few of those people actually travel to those places in order to further their cultural knowledge or to educate themselves on the true nature of the landscapes they visit.

As such, you are likely to run into large crowds of people every single time you visit a popular tourist attraction, an experience that will definitely ruin the immersion and prevent you from enjoying the attraction firsthand. Let us then take a look at ten of the most overrated tourist attractions around the world.

10Hollywood Walk Of Fame

When you think about Hollywood you think about glamour, stars, and luxury. This is precisely the reason why people visit the Hollywood walk of fame, a tourist attraction that suffers immensely from all the crowds of people present on site every single day. Looking to get closure with their favorite celebrities, people gather in large numbers around their prints on the Hollywood walk of fame, which when you think about it, is no different than a regular sidewalk.