Top 10 Most Poisonous Animals on Earth


Be it fight or flight, most animals have evolved some sort of defense mechanism against predators over time, to ensure the survival of their species. When faced with predators, most animals can either stand their ground or try to outrun whatever danger they may face at the time. Some animals, however, can afford the luxury of neither fighting for their lives or making a run for it. These creatures use highly poisonous substances to keep predators at bay and apart from humans, most other animals know to avoid such poisonous animals when seeing them. We have put together a list with 10 of the most poisonous animals on Earth, animals that you would do best to avoid yourself.

9The Stone Fish

This is a fish that can win several prizes – all in the worst category. It is arguably the worst looking fish in the planet and also one of the most poisonous in the world. The stone fish is the master of camouflage and it easily ambushes prey and delivers a dose of deadly toxin. It is said that victims suffer from such excruciating pain that they would rather have the affected limb amputated. With the toxic poison now in the victim’s body, they experience severe paralysis, shock and death of cells and tissue. Death can occur in a matter of hours without proper medical attention. And we can imagine that the ordeal will be as gruesome as the offender. Stone fish live in the Pacific and Indian oceans, even in waters of the Queensland Great Barrier Reef.