Top 10 Most Popular Cruise Destinations


Whether it is the blue waters of the Caribbean or the cold waters of the South Pacific that appeal to your senses, a cruise taken pretty much anywhere has the potential to recharge your batteries and relax you beyond measure. Some sun-seekers look for cruises towards hot places to forget about the cold weather back at home while others actively look to go places they consider to be unconventional, romantic, or both. Regardless of motivation, we all like to escape the stress of our day-to-day lives every once in a while, an a cruise is the perfect way to do that. So here are the most popular places to take a cruise to if you’re ever in the mood to do so.


Faced with history, art, and culture at every step, tourists who cruise towards any Mediterranean country are usually left baffled by the wonders they encounter there. Some do indeed travel to Greece, Spain or Italy to enjoy the hot Mediterranean climate on beautiful sandy beaches, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Others however, take great pleasure in walking across thousands of years old paths made by civilizations long gone. Although cruises to the Mediterranean are usually long, the fact that every destination has an unique sense of ‘plenty’ attached to it makes it all worthwhile.