Top 10 Most Popular Types of Nose Piercings


Nose piercings are second only to earlobe piercings in terms of popularity throughout most of the world and you can see why given how interesting or even artistic some of them are. Fashionable and discreet, nose piercings come in different variations depending on the type of piercing and the area of the nose being pierced.

You may be even contemplating getting your own nose pierced and in all fairness, there are more pros than cons when it comes to getting your nose piercings. For your consideration, here are ten of the most popular types of nose piercings people are getting nowadays.

9Double Nostril Piercing

This piercing is done just like a standard nostril piercing, with the only mention that it is done multiple times. Some people prefer the double nostril piercing while those a little more adventurous, sometimes get more than two nostril piercings to accommodate special jewelry. Speaking of which, it is quite often the case with double nostril piercings to involve complex jewelry that make use of all the piercings at the same time.