Top 10 Most Powerful Kids in the World


In a world such as ours, material wealth is a good indication of a person’s capabilities because it vastly determines their sphere of influence. Wealth enables individuals to acquire influence and with it, the power required to bend the will of others if necessary. As such, these children will be able to further their influence when they grow up to levels that reach and even surpass the reach of their mothers and fathers.

At the same time, we shall also take a look at some of the self-made millionaire kids of today, kids who we believe to be on the path of becoming extremely powerful when they grow up if they play their cards right. So let us then find out who are the ten most powerful kids in the world and what do they do.

9James Wilke

James is the son of Sarah Jessica Parker and Mathew Broderick, a couple who among other things, is one of the wealthiest in showbusiness. Given their involvement into numerous social matters, it is only a matter of time until James follows in his parents’ footsteps. It wouldn’t be such a stretch to presume that he will do so while benefitting from their tremendous wealth, a wealth that will undoubtedly grant him the highest form of education possible at the same time.