Top 10 Most Powerful Supercomputers in the World


When we hear people talk about computers, we almost immediately think about our MACs and PCs, the only computers most of had a chance to interact with. Given how fast technology is progressing, computers find themselves at the core of most industries, communities, or businesses we interact with on a daily basis. Some computers, however, do more than help operators with their jobs. These supercomputers were designed to handle billions of inputs every second, and are using hundreds, sometimes even thousands of cores. Here is a list of the 10 most powerful supercomputers in the world at the moment.

9Vulcan, United States of America

The American supercomputer code named Vulcan is one of four supercomputers that run on IBM’s BlueGene/Q platform. The latter is equipped with power BQC 16 core 1.6 Ghz processors. The Vulcan supercomputer has 400,000 cores that perform at 4.3 petaflops. This supercomputer is used by the US department of Energy’s National Nuclear Safety Administration at the Livermore National Laboratory.