Top 10 Most Profitable Companies In History


Every person recognizes brands through their products / services, and in today’s consumerist society, it is actually expected of us to do so. Sure enough, we go about our day sometimes mumbling the lyrics to some TV commercial’s song that we hear everyday, not putting too much thought into it. We also know the companies that make the products we use everyday, as well as how wealthy they are because of this.

Companies like Apple, Exxon, Microsoft, and Wal-Mart are well-known throughout the world, and chances are that most of us have used are actively using one of their products right this moment. But what are the biggest, most profitable companies in the history of mankind? Here is how much the ten most valuable companies in history are worth adjusted to inflation(in today’s money).

9Exxon-Mobil, 2007 – $572 billion

Seen as the company that picked up where Standard Oil left off, Exxon-Mobil reached a total value of $572 billion in 2007. Before Exxon-Mobil, there were Jersey Standard and Socony, the two companies that merged into what Exxon-Mobil is today. The combined might of these two topped the charts in terms of broad reserves, consistent production growth, as well as topping the charts in global energy indices, a value it somehow holds to its day, although not as impressive as it was in 2007.