Top 10 Most Racist States in America


Racism is a big problem in America at this point in time, a problem that isn’t going away anytime soon, unfortunately. Although not as bad as it was 50 or 60 years ago, the perpetuation of institutionalized racism and prejudice makes it so that almost every social issue nowadays has some sort of racial connotation attached to it. Some have said that Americans are on the right track to abolishing racism and there might be some truth to this given how isolated racial conflict has become over the years.

This being said, there are people who despite society’s progress as a whole, still hold onto racial grudges and prejudice. After careful research of online trends and real-life experiences, we managed to find out what the ten most racist states in America are at this point in time.


We should point out that a disturbingly large number of racist tweets and comments flooded the internet after Barrack Obama’s re-election. Although this was a nation-wide issue at the time, many of them came from Illinois. Now, racism isn’t going away anytime soon, any rational person is aware of this. Yet it seems that some communities don’t take the appropriate steps to fighting racist or discriminatory speech whenever it occurs and some communities in Illinois are definitely guilty of that.