Top 10 Most Unfortunate Product Names


It is well known that powerful brands are more likely to sell products than obscure ones, even when the quality isn’t all that great. The impact reputable branding has on market shares and product sales have been thoroughly documented over the years as struggling businesses always seem to have difficulties promoting their products and services unless they are very well known.

This being said, there are also plenty of products out there that have been branded poorly or strangely, and yet some of them became successful by virtue of their undeniable quality. In retrospect, their manufacturers should have perhaps branded them differently, at least the few who’s name is clearly a result of oversight. Without further ado, let’s find out what are the ten most unfortunate product names that found their way onto the shelves.


We are all familiar with the Wii from Nintendo because it is one of the most popular gaming platforms in history. This being said, you have to admit that taken out of context, the word ‘win’ may very well mean something completely different. It’s even more confusing when people refer to Wii gaming as ‘playing with their Wii’, especially for someone who isn’t familiar with the gaming system.