Top 10 Most Unusual Holiday Destinations


Although most people enjoy spending their holidays somewhere nice, it just so happens that most of these nice places are already crowded with tourists throughout the year. Recently, however, we’ve started witnessing a global phenomenon of people straying away from warm, exotic beaches towards places of untouched beauty. Despite being extraordinarily beautiful, these places do not yet enjoy the popularity they rightfully should.

If you’ll bear with us for the next few minutes, we’ll try to find out what are the ten most unusual holiday destinations in the world and why are people starting to flood towards them all of the sudden.

10The Amazon

It used to be that only naturalists, explorers, and researchers would head over to the Amazon, well not anymore. We’re seeing an influx of tourists heading towards the Amazon Basin recently and understandably so given the sheer beauty of it. Although most parts of the Amazon are still very dangerous because of all the various wildlife inhabiting it, there are more than a few places within the Amazon Basin that can accommodate tourists and their number is growing every year.