Top 10 Most Unusual Patron Saints


Patron saints are people who following extraordinary circumstances, were canonized by the Church and are nowadays recognized as saints. Other important characters, however, are recognized as saints even if they weren’t canonized officially. Such is the case with most prophets from the Old Testament who for one reason or another, are not actually seen as saints by the Church.

This being said, many saints are seen as Patrons of certain places, illnesses, or people by followers of the faith who attribute certain characteristics or events to divine intervention from these saints, who in their view, have taken it upon themselves to protect them. Here are the ten most unusual patron saints throughout history.

10Saint Scholastica – Patron Saint of Convulsive Children

After her brother St. Benedict established his famous monastery in Monte Cassino, St. Scholastica went to Plombariola where she founded and governed a monastery of her own. For various reasons, Saint Scholastica is seen as the patron saint of convulsive children. She is not the strangest patron saint, as we are soon to find out, but she definitely has a very specific patronage by all means.