Top 10 Places to Visit In The Unitated States


Any person would find it difficult trying to come up with a list of the most noteworthy things to visit in the United States, but we gave it a try anyway. The country itself has a population of 310 million people (third largest in the world), and it is absolutely enormous. What tourists often fail to realize, is that movies and television shows don’t really portray the country accurately, and they travel to the United States expecting a glamorous overreacted image of what America really is.

In reality, the country is large, complex, and incredibly diverse all the way through. So complex actually, that it been called a ‘melting pot’ of cultures on many occasions, a fact that you can witness yourself as you travel through its many states, each with its distinct regional identity.

9Los Angeles

Who hasn’t heard of Hollywood at this point, or about Los Angeles for that matter. The beautiful beaches in Malibu and Santa Monica have been immortalized of film since the dawn of cinematography, and what majestic places they are. Somewhere else, the elite class made of wealthy individuals and movie stars, live comfortably inside their Beverly Hills mansions with not a care in the world. Such is life in Los Angeles, a city of unmatched beauty and extravagance.