Top 10 Places You Should Visit Before They’re Gone


There are literally hundreds of amazing places around the world in danger of disappearing within the next fifty to a hundred years. This is beyond unfortunate really, as some of them are truly heavenly landscapes, places that future generations will not be able to enjoy like we still do. Some are sub-tropical and tropical islands, others are entire regions that will eventually succumb to climate change within less than one hundred years.

Most people unfortunately, don’t think about this when trying to decide where to spend their vacation, but hopefully our readers will after learning about the fragile ecosystems we are about to mention next.

10The Maldives

On the front cover of many travel magazines, pictures of the Maldives are extremely frequent throughout the world. As one of the most desired holiday destinations on the planet, the blue waters of the Maldives crash beautifully against its white sand thus creating a heavenly environment for those lucky enough to be there at any time. Unfortunately, it is on a course to become completely overrun by water within the next hundred years. As a matter of fact, 80 percent of the island is just one meter above sea level which means that by 2090 the entire island will be underwater.