Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World


Poverty is more than just a disadvantage, it is a way of life that can crush any person’s will and their ambitions altogether. We are about to enter the world of the poorest and needy, a world in which human life itself has little to no value whatsoever. The people living in these countries, have very little to look forward to, unless they are a part of the privileged few who can afford the necessities of a decent life.

You may not think much of the suffering people of far away lands, but hopefully by looking at how little other people have, you will learn to better appreciate what you have and how lucky you are. This being said, here are the 10 poorest countries in the world.

10Afghanistan, annual Income – $1,100

Afghanistan is the 41st largest nation in the world in terms of size, with a population of more than 30 million people. Believe it or not, most of the people in Afghanistan have an average annual income of just $1,100 and an unemployment rate of 35% throughout the country. The reason why Afghanistan is doing as poorly as it does is due to the many wars that have been fought there over time, but also due to the lack of foreign investments. Afghanistan is also one of the most dangerous countries to live in, THE most dangerous actually if we are to believe what most people say about it.