Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Fast Food


As we try to pace ourselves through this ever changing world, everything becomes quicker: faster computers, faster cars, and of course, fast food. People have come to flock to fast food like bees swarming without ever stopping an actually thinking about the things they put in their mouths on a daily basis. You would have thought that the obesity epidemic that is rising on a global scale would have scared them and you would be wrong.

The fact of the matter is that people care little about healthy diets, pushed in the path of unhealthy fast food either by their demanding job or the commodity of not cooking their own food. Whatever the reason may be, the fact is that more and more people develop health problems as a result of not eating healthy or regularly and believe it or not, fast food is actually bad for you.

9High Fat Content and Low Nutritional Value

Fast food restaurants cannot afford to provide fresh food on an hourly basis so they end up using food preservatives to better conserve the food for later use. By stuffing the food with these substances, even the healthier foods on the menu become something to be weary of, and this without mentioning the food that was unhealthy in the first place. Want to know an interesting fact about the crispy chicken salad from McDonald’s?

It has about 18 grams of fat in it, and this is before adding the dressing which adds a further 36 grams of fat to the equation. On top of that, many of the desserts contain a high amount of sweeteners that have all the negative effects of sugar while providing none of sugar’s benefits. Furthermore, the chicken in these fast food restaurants is generally deep fried, a process which burns quite literally all the benefits this type of meat usually has.