Top 10 Scariest List of Demons That Have Tormented Mankind Throughout History


Since the dawn of man, all cultures and civilizations throughout history believed in the existence of malevolent beings who would bring them bad luck and suffering. Whether they are religious or not, many people nowadays also believe in the existence of unexplained or supernatural phenomenons. To some extent, people believe in the existence of an afterlife, which also enables them to believe in angels and demons.

The subject of spirits and the afterlife is a bit touchy for some people, yet many claim to have encountered demons at certain points in their lifetime, regardless of whether those encounters can be explained rationally or not. After careful research, we came up with a list of demons that have tormented mankind throughout history, demons that people have encounters with to this day. Without further ado, here are ten demons all people should know about.

10Aka Manah

According to Zoroastrian mythology, Aka Manah, also known as Akoman or Akvan, is the demon of evil intentions. His sole purpose in this world is to prevent people from fulfilling their moral duties at any cost. Interestingly enough, his name means ‘manah made evil’, where the word ‘manah’ means ‘mind’ or ‘thought’. So to some extent, Aka Manah is referred to as the demon who lives inside people’s minds, telling them to make ill-intended choices.