Top 10 Shortest Wars In History


Since the dawn of man, people of all cultures, races, and creeds have been fighting and killing each others for whatever reason they thought was worth dying for at the time. We have but to look at world events these few past years to see just how destructive and terrifying warfare can be, especially when civilians get caught in the crossfire. But it’s not always that wars drag on for years, causing millions of refugees and destroying thousands of families in the process.

Sometimes, wars finish a lot sooner than anybody involved would expect, with minimal casualties on both sides. Today, we’ll be talking about the ten shortest wars in history and their outcome.

10Falklands War – 42 days

The Falklands war was fought in 1982 between Argentina and the United Kingdom as a result of Argentina’s occupation of the Falklands. What’s interesting about this particular war is that at no point did either of the countries declare war on one another. This is because Argentina’s initial invasion was considered an occupation of what historically should have been their land, whereas the UK invaded for pretty much the same reason. The war ended just 42 days after it started with a decisive British victory, a victory that led to the downfall of Argentina’s military government.