Top 10 Smartest Animals In The World


Sitting comfortably atop the food chain, we don’t concern ourselves with the basic needs most animals have, nor do we have to worry about survival the way they do. We have to remember, however, that we have evolved alongside most of the creatures inhabiting our planet, and we have done so brilliantly to the point where we’re almost out of the food chain altogether. Many other creatures, on the other hand, cannot afford that luxury, which is why they have always adapt and provide for themselves.

As such, some animals are extremely smart, a lot smarter than most people realize. Over the next few minutes, we’ll find out what are the ten most intelligent creatures on planet Earth and just how smart they are. We all think our pets are smart, of course, yet some of the following creatures are a lot smarter. Therefore, here are the ten smartest animals in the world.


When it comes to intelligence, size doesn’t really matter. You see, bees have a kaleidoscopic memory that allows them to recall every flower for miles. They learn from the more experienced bees to get to know where the best flowers are, a piece of information they will then pass on to their younger sisters. They also self-medicate in their hives, which not many creatures do. Furthermore, the structure of the complex but efficient honeycombs also points to their intelligence.