Top 10 Smartest Celebrities In Hollywood


It is very hard to determine which actor is smart and which isn’t just by watching the characters they play. Depending on how good they are at their job, some actors might actually be perceived as smarter than they really are because of the ‘smart’ nature of their character.

There are quite a few celebrities in Hollywood however, who possess a certain flair for academia, and some of them are actually accomplished authors, scientists, or politicians. Let us then take a closer look at who the ten smartest people in Hollywood are and what are the reasons behind their accomplishments.

9Tommy Lee Jones

At an early age, Tommy Lee Jones had attended St. Mark’s School of Texas on scholarship. He was fortunate enough to receive a need-based scholarship that allowed him attend and graduate from Harvard College. Albert Arnold “Al” Gore, Jr., the former Vice President, stayed right across the hall from Tommy Lee Jones, and two were good friends. Today, along with being a veteran actor, Tommy Lee Jones also serves as on St. Mark’s School of Texas’s board of directors.