Top 10 Strangest Albino Animals


We often associate albinism with people because people make such a big deal about it, yet human beings are the only ones affected by it. Strangely enough, many animals are also born with albinism, for the exact ambiguous reasons why humans suffer from it. For whatever reason, some animals are born without any pigmentation as a result of a strange biomolecular mutation that affects melanin production in an organism.

For a better understanding of just how widespread such a rare condition can be, we’ll go through some of the strangest albino animals ever observed either in the wild or in captivity.

9Ghost Moose

Despite the name, we assure you that these moose are as real as they come. During the winter, an albino moose has a distinct advantage from its bretheren, due to the fact that it blends into the background with ease, thus evading potential predators. When summer comes, however, they will usually be the first to get hunted down by wolves and bears, which is just one of the disadvantages of being an albino animal in the wild.